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1) This is applied more various among the two welding processes.
Heat needed for welding is generated by DC-Arc between Stud and material, Welding current is gained by Main Transformer, And weding time and combination of welded stud and material is controlled for application.
2) Principle of Operations
① Power supplies to Solenold Coils inside Welding Gun
② Stud gets off material and arc cause
③ Stud base and material become welding by the arc
④ When ending controlled Welding time, welding current is cut off, as well as power supply into solenold Colls.
⑤ Stud joins with welded portion of material by Main spring of Welding Gun.
3) Drawn Arc Process(DA Type)

Once positioning for welding work with inserting stud into Chuck of Welding Gun, required Ferrule, is used for this method, which is adopted stud specification.

4) Short Cycle Process(SC Type)
This method is simllar to DA Type but it is applied for Car Body Panel of Motcrcycle industry as its welding time is used very shortly(1~100ms)
1) CD Type of stud welding is a welding process that saves electrical energy in a condenser and generates arc geat, at the same time joins with welded portion by spring pressure of Welding Gun.
2) Arc heat is generated by Vaporization of Stud Base Tip caused by a very short-resistant heat
3) In CD Type, contact Mode and Gap Mode are used. Welding time in contact Mode is required within 3~6ms, the one in Gap Mode is required within 6~15ms.
4) Charge capacity, Charge voltage Spring pressure, etc are inevitable for CD Type of Stud Wedling.