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  Power Unit
SW 1400-2A (Semi Auto System)  
  Application Field : Auto Industry  
  Input Voltage : 3ph 220 / 380 / 440V  
  Rated Current : 100 / 80 / 60 amps  
  Welding Current : 100 ~ 1400 A  
  Welding Time : 0.01 ~ 1.0 sec  
  Weight: 180kg  
  Dimensions: L740mm * H510mm * W510mm  
  Weld Output, Program Selection  
  Weld Term : Display & Error Function
                           (Tolerance Setting)
  Auto Feeder Unit
  Application Model: HY7, SW1400-2A(Robot),
  Method of driving: By DC electric motor  
  Position for use: horizontal +-3%  
  Operating modes: Automatic, Manual  
  Control Voltages: DC24V +-10%  
  Operating temperature: +5℃-+40℃  
  Storage temperature: -20℃-+85℃  
  Relative air humidity: 30% - 95%, Not condensing  
  Noise emission: Approx.70dB  
Air consumption: Approx.15L/stud feed action
Network pressure: 7kg/cm2
Weight: 40kg
Dimensions: H500mm* L340mm * H330mm
Capacity of Bulk: approx. 2000 studs
Stud feeding capacity: Within 30-35 studs/min
  Semi-Auto Hand Gun ASS'Y
  Application model : HY7, SW1400-2A, SW850-2A
  Application field : Auto industry  
  Operating modes: Semi-Auto welding  
  Set up for: SC studs 5.0mm - 9.0mm  
  Welding method: Short-cycle drawn arc method  
  Position for use: random  
  Control Voltages: DC24V (+-10%), DC90V (+-10%)  
  Operating Temperature: -0℃-+50℃  
  Storage temperature: -25℃-+85℃  
  Relative air humidity: 10% - 85%, not condensing  
  Noise emission: Approx.75dB  
  Operation Pressure: 5.0kg/cm2 *- 6.0kg/cm2  
  Air consumption: Approx.15L/stud feed action  
  Welds: Within 30-35 studs/min.  
  Weight: 3.0kg (without tubing set)  
  Dimensions: L360mm * H175mm  
  Automatically maintaining the lifting gap of     1.5~1.7mm due to auto lifting functions.  
  it's heavy-duty by the bearing lifting module method.  
It has simple structure for easy maintenance.